Onsite TKA staff disinfect, distribute, and retrieve patient-ready mobile medical equipment for READI+ clients.


Reliable Equipment - Available, Disinfected, Inspected

Equipment types to be managed may include...

Infusion pumps

PCA pumps

Feeding pumps

Specialty beds/surfaces

Syringe pumps

Bedside monitors

SCD pumps

Telemetry monitors

Foot pumps


Greater Nurse Satisfaction

Improved Equipment Availability

READI+ means dedicated TKA staff, focused on effective cleaning, inspection, and operation of equipment

  • The program can be designed to maintain PAR levels, or to deliver equipment to / retrieve equipment from patient rooms
  • All devices receive thorough cleaning, and rigorous performance testing
  • With READI+, improved distribution efficiency means smaller equipment quantities need to be purchased or leased.
  • READI+ eliminates the need to hoard or hide equipment, because Nurses have the equipment they need, WHEN and WHERE they need it!

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