TEAMnet Tracking

As authorized distributors of the TEAMnet Tracking hardware and software, TKA provides the best, most cost-effective technology available in a Real-time Location System (RTLS).

TEAMnet Tracking

Active Scan

TKA is pleased to offer Active Scan, a simple, reliable and low-cost asset location tracking system integrated inside the TEAMnet Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

Keep track of your portable medical equipment, inventory and parts. This new technology utilizes QR code scanning and tracking to transmit real-time counts of items stored in used and clean utility rooms with data stored in an easy-touse mobile app. Plus, it tracks equipment handling protocols, as established by Nursing and Infection Control.

Active Scan

How it Works

Step 1

With Active Scan, simply scan the QR code on the equipment

Step 2

Select the location of the equipment, for real-time counts of items.

There is no need for synching or carrying clipboards around the hospital. Beds, IV pumps, and/or other types of equipment are tracked from Clean Utility, Patient Use, Soiled Utility, Cleaning/Processing, and back to Clean Utility.

TEAMnet Tracking

Passive Scan

TKA is pleased to offer Passive Scan, a simple, reliable, cost-effective asset location tracking system, integrated within the TEAMnet software Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) platform.

“TNT” keeps track of your mobile medical Equipment inventory and parts. This new Technology utilizes QR code tracking and location scanning to transmit real-time counts of items stored in Clean and Soiled Utility rooms, with data stored in an easy- to-use mobile application.

Passive Scan

How it Works

Collectors are placed at strategic locations

With Passive Scan, collectors are placed at strategic locations throughout the hospital, and tracking monitors (“Tags”) are installed on each piece of mobile equipment. When the Tag passes by the collector, the location of the piece(s) of equipment is logged.

TEAMnet Tracking

Key Benefits

Utilization Cycles

Understand what equipment you have and if it’s being used to optimize your expenses related to patient equipment management.

Reduce Loss

Know where your equipment is at all times, to avoid missing or lost parts or devices

Productivity Tracking

Identify whether your equipment is in the right place at the right time, and whether it is available when needed by Nurses

Infection Control

Confirm if your equipment has been sanitized to help reduce the spread of infections

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